Gilbarco and VeriFone Partnership Announced Today

We released some very exciting news today that I want to share. This morning, we announced an agreement between Gilbarco and VeriFone to deliver an unprecedented industry partnership for media and payment at the pump.  We have created a website that helps explain the details of the partnership (, and I encourage you to take a look.  This partnership will benefit our customers in the following way:

Travis Bouck

Travis Bouck, VP Marketing, NA

  1. Provides unprecedented technology integration from two market leaders, solving retailer challenges around payment security, media, and emerging payment technologies.
  2. Simplifies the path to EMV migration, bringing together our products and technology through Gilbarco and its distributors
  3. Delivers a rich, scalable pump media network to help retailers drive consumers inside the store.  This media network today will reach 95 million consumers per month, and will grow tremendously over time.
  4. Leverages Gilbarco’s dispenser expertise and fuel-specific payment expertise with VeriFone’s global payment technology and security expertise to provide a more comprehensive and secure payment solution set.

I think the most important message to remember as you read through the news, is that this partnership brings two industry leaders together to offer retailers a winning solution on the forecourt.

Please visit for more details and as always, please comment below as we would love to hear your feedback!

-Travis Bouck

Broad Retail Moving to EMV in the U.S.

As the US continues to see a rise in credit card fraud, major retailers are showing support of more secure payment technologies by adopting EMV across their network of stores.  A recent report by Gemalto cites that the EU has seen an 80% reduction in credit card fraud since migrating to EMV, while the U.S. has witnessed a 47% increase.  Retailers are also incentivized to adopt EMV capabilities to avoid assuming increased liability for fraudulent transactions after the October 2015 (in-store POS) and October 2017 (fuel dispensers) deadlines communicated by the card associations.

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EMV – The Horse is Out of the Barn

At Gilbarco’s recent Retail Technology Conference, Gray Taylor of Conexxus (formerly PCATS) spoke alongside Robin Trickel, Executive Director of Product Compliance at Heartland Payment Systems, and Oliver Manahan, VP of Emerging Payments Technologies at MasterCard.  During the discussion, Gray highlighted the growing acceptance of the currently established liability shift deadlines from the card associations by stating that “the horse [EMV] is out of the barn”.  While retailers still seem skeptical about these deadlines, the card associations appear serious about holding merchants (i.e. – retail petroleum operators) and credit card issuers liable for fraudulent transactions on non-EMV capable terminals.  Gray concluded his comments by urging retailers to “start today!” Continue reading

Creating an ROI for your EMV Migration

With the pending deadlines for EMV migration getting closer every day (10/2015 for in-store transactions and 10/2017 for Automated Fueling dispenser transactions), many retailers are beginning to map out their migration strategies to support the new payment technology.  Creative retailers are also thinking about ways they can leverage the migration deadline to better connect with and engage their fueling consumers while standing at the pump, creating both an immediate and near-term return on their EMV investment.

Parker Burke, Marketing Director, Media Systems

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