Play at the Pump Comes to CA: Would you play?

Jason Bertinetti, Marketing Manager

Last week California joined Minnesota and Missouri to become the third state to go live with Play at the Pump.  This new product provides an opportunity for retailers to expand their lottery sales by targeting an untouched segment of consumers who normally do not play lottery due to the inconvenience of entering the store.  Play at the Pump introduces an element of technology to Lottery as quick pick numbers are stored on the consumer’s purchase card as opposed to a paper ticket.  Winnings below a $600 threshold are automatically deposited back to the consumers account while winnings in excess of $600 trigger a text message notification to the player to claim winnings at their local lottery office.  Continue reading

Fraud at the Pump. How EMV Can Eliminate “Pump and Dump” Schemes

Luke Grant

North American Payment Product Manager

There are many ways that thieves can turn stolen credit cards and cardholder data into cash.  Mostly commonly they purchase items that can easily be easily exchanged for cash or used as cash once the stolen account is flagged.  Recently a new scheme came to light in Lilburn, GA that hits home for petroleum retailers.

Continue reading

Is the Customer Always Right? Social Media’s Response to Apple Pay vs MCX

In my earlier discussion on Apple Pay and the technology market reaction, Apple Pay: Does a Rising Tide Lift All Boats?, I alluded to the idea that if mobile payments doesn’t succeed, it will be because consumers never had the chance to decide. Well, not only is the technology press talking about the issue now, the mainstream media, and consumers are setting social media on fire. Continue reading

Recent Data Breaches Highlight the Need for EMV

It seems like every week we’re reading another headline in business news announcing a major data breach at a U.S. retailer.  The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) 2014 Breach Report cites 533 breaches so far this year, which constitutes a 27% increase over the same time period in 2013.  Approximately 40% of these breaches have occurred at commercial businesses.  Breaches are impacting millions of consumers and costing retailers millions of dollars in breach expenses, not to mention the loss of their customers’ trust.  As a result, companies are increasingly moving to adopt more secure payment technologies like EMV to help protect their customers and their brands.  Continue reading

Apple Pay: Does a Rising Tide Lift all Boats?

Apple’s latest technology announcement has been called a “game changer” by numerous media outlets and for a variety of reasons:

1-     Some have called the larger display and display options a breakthrough that will keep the technology giant at the top (while others have mocked the size).

2-     Many view Apple’s wearable option, the Apple Watch, as the newest industry changing device.

3-     Others see Apple Pay as the technology breakthrough that mobile payments have been waiting for to finally get consumer and retailer adoption. Continue reading