Creating an ROI for your EMV Migration

With the pending deadlines for EMV migration getting closer every day (10/2015 for in-store transactions and 10/2017 for Automated Fueling dispenser transactions), many retailers are beginning to map out their migration strategies to support the new payment technology.  Creative retailers are also thinking about ways they can leverage the migration deadline to better connect with and engage their fueling consumers while standing at the pump, creating both an immediate and near-term return on their EMV investment.

Parker Burke, Marketing Director, Media Systems

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Security and EMV response taking center stage

Most people have heard of the recent security breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus, where hackers managed to steal personal data from 70 million Target customers and another 1.1 million from Neiman Marcus. In response to these events, many industry analysts and key figures have been weighing in on these security breaches, EMV, and the future of payment security. Here are just a few links we thought you might find interesting….

CNN Money

Wall Street Journal

Innovative Payment Technologies in Action


Parker Burke, Marketing Director, Payment and Media Systems

You might have seen the recent social media coverage of “Coin” last week when they pre-launched their digital credit card through a compelling social media campaign.  If you are a LinkedIn or Facebook user, you might be familiar with the below, which covered my accounts as contact after contact and friend after friend reposted through Coin’s socially driven marketing campaign (which is an interesting social media marketing business case in itself).

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